2019 Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Deliver with a firearm case

Client was arrested for various charges revolving around being suspected of selling drugs while being armed.  After making arguments to the government, all charges were dismissed.

2019 VOP

Defendant was serving felony probation and was arrested for a new law offense.  The court ended up dismissing the violation and even granted our request for an early termination of probation.

2019 Lewd Act case

Client was accused of improperly fondling  his 13 year old niece and the family urged the state to prosecute him.  However, ultimately the case was dismissed.

2019 VOP

client was serving felony probation and was alleged to have violated after getting arrested for a new case as well as not having performed mandatory community service.  We challenged the government’s evidence and they agreed to have the VOP dropped.

2019 Extortion case

Suspect was arrested for felony extortion after demanding money from his wife’s boyfriend.  After our investigation and argument to the government, the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

2019 Armed Robbery

Client was caught immediately after an armed robbery with victim’s possessions on his person, as well as the gun he used to commit the robbery.  The government sought a 10 year day-for-day sentence, but after making arguments to the court, the judge sentenced him as a youthful offender and only sentenced him to 18 months in prison.

2019 Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer/Possession of Drugs

Defendant was charged with threatening to harm law enforcement at airport and he was therefore arrested.  During the arrest, detectives discovered cocaine and charged him with that as well.  After conducting my investigation, I filed a motion to suppress the evidence and the government subsequently dismissed the case.

2019 Murder case

Suspect indicted for murder of four month old child.  He confessed to killing her out of frustration.  I filed a motion to suppress his confession based on the coercive conduct of the detectives and the state agreed to remove his confession from his statement.

2019 Armed Kidnapping case

Client was charged with an offense punishable by life in prison. The “victim” testified that my client held her at gunpoint and forced her to leave with him against her will. There were witnesses to the event. After investigation, depositions and argument, I was able to show the state that there was an ongoing relationship between the 2 individuals and the circumstances were much different than the “victim” was reporting. Instead of prison time, my client was put on supervision.

2018 Possession of a Destructive Device

Client was found to be making a bomb in his home and made threats to harm students at school. I researched issues and showed prosecution that they may not be able to meet their legal obligations as far as the technical elements necessary in order to obtain a conviction.  The state finally agreed to an arrangement where the client was not convicted of a crime and placed on probation.

2018 Felony Child Abuse Case

Client was charged with felony child abuse for striking and beating his daughter. We were able to show that his wife influenced the daughter’s testimony and we argued that the daughter was sticking to the accusation only because she was afraid of her mom and afraid that she would get in trouble for lying. The state eventually agreed to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor.

2018 VOP

Client violated sex offender probation for a second time and was facing several years in prison. After educating the government on client’s background, including mental health issues, the state agreed to a simple reinstatement of probation.

2018 Aggravated Assault with Firearm case

Client got into a fight with a former friend at a gas station. He was then accused of waiting at the former friend’s subdivision and pointing a gun at him and his girlfriend. The case proceeded to trial and the client admitted to getting into the fight but denied pointing the gun. After arguing the “victim’s” story was illogical, the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict on the Aggravated Assault with a Firearm charge. The judge then gave him probation on the misdemeanor battery charge

2018 VOP

Sex offender was accused of violating his probation soon after being released from prison. By law he was held on a “No Bond.” In less than a month, the VOP was dismissed, and the client was released from jail.

2018 Armed Burglary of a Dwelling

Client gave full confession to participating in crime with her boyfriend and although she was 17, because of the severity of the charges, she was charged as an adult. Extensive negotiations resulted in the state eventually recommending she be sentenced as a juvenile, and receive probation only. She is not a convicted felon and still has a bright future ahead of her.

2018 Human Sex Trafficking, Lewd Battery case

Client was arrested and charged with Human Sex Trafficking where one of the victims died and Lewd Battery. Originally, the lead detective said that my client was the second in command in the ring, but my client insisted he was unknowingly caught up in ring. After research and developing the case, we were able to convince the state that my client played a minor role in the organization. He plead No Contest to Child Abuse and was placed on probation. He was also able to avoid becoming a convicted felon.

2018 Tampering with Witness case

Client was charged with the type of tampering that was punishable by life in prison by threatening an informant and his family. We challenged the admissibility of some of the most damaging evidence which put us in a favorable negotiating position. Although the client had previous felonies, he ended up without any jail time on a reduced charge.

2018 Possession of Drugs

Client was pulled over for a traffic violation and the cops discovered pot in her car and she was arrested for felony Possession of Cannabis. Client hired my immediately and after legal analysis, the state dismissed the case just one week after the arrest.

2018 Drug Trafficking, RICO case

Client was charged with 23 counts, including RICO and 5 drug trafficking offenses. Client confessed. The sentencing guidelines mandated a minimum sentence of 308 months (25+ years!). After arguing for a lesser sentence and over the state’s objection, the judge sentenced the client to 36 months.

2018 Sex Battery, Health Care without a License case

Client was accused of committing a sexual battery upon a victim, as well as giving her a massage without a license. After reviewing the preliminary evidence, the government agreed not to proceed on the sex battery but went forward with the Health Care violation, which requires a 1 year minimum sentence. After several adversarial court hearings, the government agreed to amend the charge so the client did not have to do any jail time and was able to keep it off his record.

2017 Drug trafficking and Weapons case

Client was arrested on 10 counts of trafficking, gun, and other drug offenses.  The client was being held in jail on over $200,000 bond.  I researched the legal issues and sent my research and argument to the government and the judge.  One day before the bond hearing, all charges were dropped by the state.

2017 Domestic  Violence case

The client was arrested for DV Battery.  The injuries to the victim did not match her testimony to the cops.  The case was dropped less than 3 weeks after I was hired and filed motions on the case.

2017 Drug Possession case

The cops stopped and searched my client based on mere suspicion and did not have the requisite probable cause to do so.  The cops found drugs on my client and arrested him.  I challenged the search in court and the judge suppressed the evidence and the government dropped the case.

2017 Drug Trafficking and Arson case

Client was separately charged with Arson and Trafficking. We had some good legal issues on the drug case, but not the arson case. The client had a significant criminal history and scored out mandatory prison, but I was able to negotiate a probation sentence and get the charges reduced.

2016 Aggravated Battery on Elderly

Client was charged with Aggravated Battery on an Elderly Person. After conducting my investigation, I was able to show the prosecution some major flaw in their case and they agreed to reduce the charges.

2016 DUI and Manslaughter VOP

Client was on probation for Manslaughter when he was arrested for DUI. I argued that there was no probable cause for DUI detention (and that officers were racist) . Both charges were dismissed.

2016 Aggravated Assault on LEO

Client was charged with Aggravated Assault on LEO, Felony Fleeing, Resisting Arrest With Violence and Resisting Arrest Without Violence stemming from a traffic stop wherein the client was alleged to strike the LEO with his car and flee to escape. Aggravated Assault on LEO and Felony Fleeing charges were dismissed.  Client received withhold of adjudication on remaining charges.

2016 Aggravated Assault case

Client was charged with Aggravated Assault with Firearm and a separate charge of Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon, Improper Exhibition of a Firearm, and Disorderly Conduct. Client admitted to removing his assault rifle from his vehicle but denied assaulting person he was arguing with. All charges were dropped except the Disorderly Conduct.

2016 Conspiracy to Traffic in Cocaine case

Client was charged with conspiracy to traffic in over 400 grams of cocaine along with 2 other people. After proper investigation and argument to prosecutor, case was dismissed.

2016 attempted murder case

Client was arrested for Attempted First Degree Murder. The victim was shot/grazed in the head. I was able to gather evidence to support my client’s alibi as well as cast doubt on the victim’s account of what happened.  The state attorney dropped the charges after I gave them the results of my investigation.

2016 forgery case

client was accused of obtaining fake federal documents and fraudulently obtaining identification. I challenged that state on statute of limitations, arguing that they did not adequately attempt to locate my client in time.  The judge dismissed the case.

2016 sexual battery case

Client was charged with committing sexual battery on a child. After researching the case, I filed a Motion to Dismiss based on Speedy Trial grounds, which was granted by the court.

2016 Carrying Concealed Firearm

Client was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm. After researching the legal issues and presenting them to the state, the prosecutor agreed to drop the case

2016 Grand Theft Case/Professional License Violation

Client was arrested for Grand Theft for collecting rent and not giving it to the owner. Client was able to provide me with documentation which I presented to the prosecutor and the Felony Grand Theft case was

2016 Battery on LEO/Resisting Case

Client was arrested for Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Arrest With Violence and Resisting Arrest Without Violence following his DUI arrest. After analyzing the video, I was convinced my client did not commit an offense and the office overreacted. After making my arguments, the state did not file charges against my client.

2016 Leaving the Scene of Accident with Death

Client was accused of hitting 2 teenagers who were on a bike. She drove off without calling for help. One teenager died and the other suffered permanent brain damage. There was testimony she had been drinking before the accident. The government argued she should receive a sentence commensurate with a DUI manslaughter (4 yrs prison). We put together a mitigation presentation to the court and were able to secure a Downward Departure sentence of 1 yr, 1 day in jail.

2016 Possession of Cocaine

client was out on bond on 3 trafficking cocaine charges and was arrested again for possession of cocaine. The government got the court to revoke his bond. I filed a motion to unrevoke his bond, arguing there was no probable cause for the arrest. The judge agreed, unrevoked his bond, prompting the state to later dismiss the case.

2016 Attempted First Degree Murder case

Client was arrested for Attempted First Degree Murder. The victim was shot/grazed in the head. I was able to gather evidence to support my client’s alibi as well as cast doubt on the victim’s account of what happened.  The government dismissed the case.

2015 Resisting w Violence case
client was accused of punching a girl and then fighting with the officer who was trying to detain him. client claimed he did not hit the officer and the officer used excessive force. the client went to trial and the jury found him NOT GUILTY.

2015 Criminal Mischief case
client ran his car into an apartment complex gate causing extensive damage. He made admissions to law enforcement.  Case was dismissed.

2015 burglary with battery case
client was arrested for burglary of a dwelling and committing a battery, which is a felony punishable by life in prison. filed motion to dismiss and case was dismissed.

2015 carrying concealed gun charge
client was pulled over and accused of unlawfully carrying firearm in his vehicle, case was dismissed.

2015 possession of controlled substance case
client received a large amount of pot and some hash through the mail. Law enforcement arrested him after he signed for and took possession of the package. I researched the issue and sent the prosecutor the information who eventually agreed that she could not prove the case. Case was dismissed.

2015 Forgery/Grand Theft case. Client was accused of taking a check from a mailbox and altering it to add his name as the payee. After review of the case and negotiations with the state, the case was dismissed.

2015 possession of drugs
client arrested for possession of 3 different types of drugs, all felonies.  Case was dismissed.

2014 Aggravated Assault with Firearm case.  Client was charged with threatening victim in road rage assault with his handgun.  Officers tracked client down, found his gun and client admitted to pointing it at victim.  Client faced minimum mandatory 3 year prison sentence.  Successfully negotiated resolution where client instead charged with misdemeanor charge and avoided all jail time.

2014 Accessory to Murder case.  Client was accused of participating in murder by helping to dispose of body in the woods and faced lengthy mandatory prison time. After investigation and negotiation, client accepted supervision disposition and avoided all jail time.

2014 Release from DOC case.  Client was serving a 6 year DOC sentence and became ill while in prison.  Successfully convinced state attorney and court to terminate the sentence early so that client could receive proper medical care.

2014 Grand Theft case
client was accused for stealing her husband’s ex girlfriend’s dog from her house.  After investigation, the case was dismissed.

2014 battery case
client, an uber driver, was arrested for allegedly grabbing a woman’s breast while in his vehicle. Case was dismissed.

2014 Fraud Case.  Client was accused of altering and reselling tickets as well as obtaining passwords for reentry to Disney World Properties.  Successfully petitioned judge to place client in a diversion program.  The co-defendant still awaits trial.

2014 Medicaid Fraud Case.  Client was accused of providing services for which she did not provide but billed Medicaid.  Her case was prosecuted by a special division of the Attorney General’s office and her guidelines called for mandatory prison time. However, successful negotiations resulted in a probationary sentence for the client.

2014 Sexual Battery Case.  Client was accused of raping a co-worker at his house after she had passed out in his bed. Witnesses contradicted the accuser’s story and we put together a sensible scenario given the facts we had.  Just when we were going to confront the accuser with her lies and request the sheriff’s office supply us with her phone records so we could prove another lie, the DNA came back from the lab which exonerated my client.

2014 Evidence Suppression Case.  Client was charged with possession of paraphernalia. The cop illegally searched her purse but wrote in his report that the client consented to the search. At the suppression hearing, I was able to get the cop to admit he couldn’t remember much about the incident and argued that my client had a more believable account and more accurate memory. The judge believed my client and suppressed the evidence.

2013 Stalking Case.  Client had contact with his  ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend and was alleged to have threatened his life.  Although the two gentlemen had contact, I did not think my client’s conduct rose to the legal definition of stalking.  After research and presentation to the state attorney, the case was dismissed.

2013 Possession of Drugs/Possession of Firearm in Commission of a Felony.  Client was sole occupant of vehicle where police found several different types of drugs as well as a firearm.  After proper investigation, we were able to prepare and file a Motion to Dismiss.  The State Attorney dropped the case before the court could have a hearing on the motion.

2013 Felony Battery/Strangulation Case.  Client was accused of repeatedly attacking his girlfriend in front of independent witnesses.  His girlfriend came to court and was willing to testify against him.  After successful investigation and negotiations with the state attorney, his felony charges were reduced to a simple misdemeanor charge and he was not formally convicted of the offense.

2013 Aggravated Assault.  Client was accused of threatening her husband with a knife and attempting to take their child from the home.  I compared the victim’s statements to the police against his statement he made in an application for an injunction and argued that portions of the victim’s statements did not make logical sense.  The state dropped the case  and did not file formal charges.

2013 Drug and Firearm Possession.  Client was charged with possession of drugs and carrying  a concealed firearm.  The judge and the state attorney were unaware that a somewhat new subsection of the law allowed for the client to be approved for a diversion class where he case would be dismissed upon completion.  After explaining the law and how it applied to this client, the judge approved the case for diversion over the State’s objection.

2013 Manslaughter.  Client was accused of Manslaughter by letting his girlfriend overdose on drugs and not take her to the hospital when he had the opportunity to do so.  The State’s theory was that the client was afraid to take her in because he was already on probation and didn’t want anyone to know that he had also been using drugs.  After proper investigation was done, the State dropped the case.

2013 Possession of Cocaine.  Client was charged with possession of cocaine after officer found cocaine in his shirt pocket.  Investigation revealed that the officer lied about the reason for the traffic stop in his arrest affidavit, deposition and testimony during a motion to suppress.  Once all the inconsistencies were laid out and explained to the state, the case was dropped.

2013 Introduction of Contraband Into County Detention Facility.Client was accused of bringing 3 firearms into the jail complex and left them in his vehicle. The State argued that the parking lot was included in the definition of “on the grounds of the detention facility”.  I argued that the proper interpretation of the statute did not include the parking lot.  The court agreed with my reasoning and dismissed the case.

2013 Open Carrying of Weapon.The police officer testified that he saw my client with a firearm in his waistband, which is a misdemeanor in the state of Florida. However, I was able to get the case dismissed because I was able to provide research indicating that the State did not file the case within the proper time frame.  The State believed they had extra time to file the charge because it was filed on along with felonies and it was there practice to always do this in this county but they dropped the case once I was able to show them that they were incorrect.

2012 Child Abuse.  Client was accused of child abuse by punching his stepson in the face.  Child had blood on his shirt and injuries to his face.  However, we discovered sloppy investigation by police and interviews revealed that injuries to face were preexisting sports related injuries and that client only restrained child after child through his mother (client’s wife) to the ground.  The child was actually injured as his mother tried to get him off of her.  Once the state attorney received the results from our investigation, the case was dismissed.

2012 Felony Leaving the Scene of an Accident w Injury. Client was accused of hitting a bicycle cop and knocking him down before driving away the wrong way in a parking garage.  After investigation and negotiation with the state and the officer, the case was reduced to a misdemeanor and the court withheld adjudication, so she was not convicted of the charge.

2012 Sexual Battery. Juvenile client was charged with and admitted to sexual battery of a classmate.  Through early intervention with the state and conducting our own investigation by gathering phone records, taking polygraph exams, etc., we were able to convince the state to reduce the case to an offense where the client would not have to register as a sex offender.  The client was placed on probation without being convicted of any crime.

2012 Aggravated Battery and Child Abuse case.  Client was arrested for Aggravated Battery and Child Abuse. After investigation deposing witnesses and the victim, the defense was able to establish many beneficial facts.  The state dropped the most serious offenses and the client received  a criminal mischief charge.

2012 Marijuana Cultivation case.  Client was charged with felony cultivation of marijuana after police searched his house and found plants he was growing.  We filed a motion to suppress the evidence based on the illegal search of the client’s house.  Before the hearing, the state offered to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor and agreed to keep it from being a formal conviction and the client accepted the resolution.

2011 Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon and Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon case.  Client was arrested for these charges based on witness testimony and police investigation.  Client was on probation so he was also arrested and held on a No Bond for violating  his probation.  After investigation and

2011 Aggravated Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer case.  Client was charged with 3 felonies  and 1 misdemeanor stemming from leading the officers on a high speed chase.  He was accused of intentionally ramming his car multiple times into two law enforcement vehicles as well as intentionally hitting one of the officers with his car, causing the officer to land on his hood.  While the client admitted to fleeing from the officers and ramming their vehicles, he denied intentionally striking the officer with his car.  He faced a 5 year minimum sentence for striking the officer.  The jury found the client Not Guilty of Aggravated Battery and Resisting with violence and guilty of the offenses the client admitted to: Fleeing and Attempting to Elude and Resisting Arrest without Violence.

2011 Drug Trafficking case.  Client sold drugs to an informant and it was videotaped by law enforcement.  Client faced 15 year minimum mandatory sentence.  Over objection by the State, the court granted the defense’s request to sentence the client to probation.

2011 Murder case.  Client was accused of First Degree Murder in the death of her husband.  After two years of investigation, preparation, and legal motions, the State dismissed the charge.

2011 Lewd or Lascivious Battery case.  Client was accused of 3 counts of Lewd Battery and faced a minimum of 16 years in prison.  The defense was able to negotiate a probation settlement.

2011 Aggravated Assault with Firearm case.  Client was accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend with a firearm.  The ex-girlfriend had three witnesses who supported her version of events.  However, after investigation by the defense, including polygraph examination taken by the client, the State dismissed the case.

2010 Unlawful Sex with a Minor.  Client accused of having sex with his girlfriend’s younger sister.  After deposing the witnesses, the client agreed to accept a misdemeanor plea agreement and later had his record expunged.

2010 Identity Theft case.  client charged with stealing multiple indentities through the course of his employment and faced a 5 year minimum mandatory prison sentence.  However, after proper investigation, state reduced the charge to a misdemeanor and client was able to get his record expunged.

2010 Drug Trafficking case.  client received and signed for shipment of marijuana and faced three year minimum mandatory sentence.  After legal arguments presented to judge at conference, State backed off minimum mandatory sentence and offered probation which client accepted.

2010 Aggravated Assault with a Firearm.  Client accused of threatening victim with firearm in front of multiple witnesses and faced a three year mandatory minimum prison sentence. After investigating the case and finding inconsistencies between the witnesses on the details of the event, the State agreed to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor.

2009 Attempted Murder, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, Shooting into Occupied Vehicle case. Client arrested on allegations he shot into the back of the victim’s car two times while the victim and his cousin were driving.  Client admitted to law enforcement that he did shoot the gun and client faced 20 year minimum mandatory sentence.  Client was acquitted at trial.

2009 Drug Trafficking case.   Client was pulled over for traffic violation and police found trafficking amount of cocaine in his car.  Through proper investigation and documentation, the defense was able to prove that law enforcement officer was lying and court granted the defense’s motion to suppress the evidence and the State dropped the case.

2008 Drug Trafficking case.  Client arrested after law enforcement officers served search warrant at house and seized trafficking amount of cocaine.  Client proceeded to trial and was found Not Guilty by the jury.

2008 Drug Trafficking case.  After traffic stop, law enforcement found drugs in client’s car and client faced 15 year minimum mandatory prison sentence.  Investigation and research was done and defense was able to file and argue a motion to dismiss the charges.  The judge agreed with the defense and dismissed the case.